How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging is like having your own TV or Radio show. You provide unique content for people to read. This content should be what you are passionate about. Do you love to travel? Create a blog about traveling. You like to eat out? Create a blog about dining out. Whatever gets you excited you can create a blog about it.

Once you have stories, videos, and other content on your blog, people will come to read it. See what your opinions are, what you have to say. Once you get a lot of traffic to your blog you can sell advertising. Companies will pay you monthly to put their ads on your blog. You can also sell other peoples products or even your own products on your blog. As long as they are related to your blog, you can offer it to your visitors.

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Your Duties

As a part-time blogger, I would recommend you post at least one new post each week. That will be 52 a year if you are consistent. But to be real serious about blogging, I would aim for one a day or one every two days. The more content you can put on your blog, the more chances you'll get ranked high in Google and get more free traffic.

You can also contact other bloggers in your niche and ask to interview them for your blog. Perhaps you can even do a guest post on their blog. This will get you more content for your site and get you new visitors from the post on his site.

How Much Can You Make?

This will all depend on how much traffic you can generate. Here is a list of top blogs along with their income and how that income is generated:

30 Blog’s That Make A Lot Of Money Online

RankWebsiteOwnerMonthly EarningsMain Income
1The Huffington PostArianna Huffington$2,330,000Pay Per Click
2TechcrunchMichael Arrington$800,000Advertising Banners
3MashablePete Cashmore$600,000Advertising Banners
4Perez HiltonMario Lavandeira$450,000Advertising Banners
5NoupeThe Blonde Salad$200,000Private Advertising
6Smashing MagazineVitaly Friedman$190,000Advertising Banners
7SmartPassiveIncomePat Flynn$153,000Affiliate Commissions
8Timothy SykesTimothy Sykes$150,000 Affiliate Sales
9Tuts PlusCollis Ta'eed$120,000Membership Area
10Life HackerGina Trapani$110,000Advertising Banners
11GothamistJake Dobkin$110,000Pay Per Click
12Tuts PlusCollis Taeed$110,000Membership Area
13Venture BeatMatt Marshall$100,000Pay Per Click
14Slash GearEwdison Then$80,000Pay Per Click
15Car AdviceAlborz Fallah$70,000Advertising Banners
16Life HackerNick Denton$60,000Advertising Banners
17DooceHeather B. Armstrong$50,000Pay Per Click
18Steve PavlinaSteve Pavlina$45,000Pay Per Click
19Talking Point MemoJoshua Micah Marshall$45,000Advertising Banners
20ProbloggerDarren Rowse$40,000Advertising Banners

How To Get Started

The great thing about blogging is that you need no formal application. Here are the steps you can do today to get started as a blogger:

Purchase a domain name. This is around $10 a year. Do a google for "cheap domain names" and see if you can't get your first year for about $1.

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Now that you have the domain (such as and a hosting company, you need to configure the domain to send visitors to the server where your blog is hosted. If this sounds confusing, just go to where you registered your domain name for directions on how to do this.

OK so visitors should now be coming to your blog, but you don't have anything there yet. Now is when we need to set up the software that will be your blog. Wordpress is the #1 blogging platform. The company that hosts your blog should have a "one click" install feature. You simply press a button to tell it to install Wordpress and it installs it on your site. Once installed you can login and start posting.

More than likely you won't like the way your blog looks, you'll want to make it look better. No need to know programming. Fortunately for you, you can get free and paid "themes" for Wordpress. Programmers create different looks for blogs all the time. All you need do is find one that looks good to you, download it to your computer, upload it to your website, and turn it on in Wordpress. Your blog will have a whole new look. You can see some of the themes available for your blog here.

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What You Need
To Get Started
  • Internet connection
  • Smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Free Wordpress theme
  • Hosting account
  • Domain name
  • $130 startup costs (one year hosting and domain)

What I Love About It
"I work at home and can blog on my own schedule."

"I like the income. Even if I don't work, my blog keeps money coming in."

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