Be A Consultant

Let's face it, people have problems. From health problems to time problems to family and job problems. If they had the solution to their problems THEY WOULDN'T HAVE PROBLEMS! That's where you come in as a Consultant, to help others sove their problems. Simple enough?

Your Duties

As a Consultant you set up meetings with others. You sit down with them, face-to-face is preferable but you can do over the phone or internet. Just listen to the problems they face, then suggest solutions for them. It really is that simple. If they like your solution, you get paid.

Don't worry that you don't know the answers to everyones problems yet. Your mentor will reveal them to you during your free training.

As a Consultant you will get the ability to work at home, make your own hours, no employee headaches and no commutes.

How Much Can You Make?

This all depends on how many people you can help. The more people you help, the more income you can make. I know people who make $500 a month with this, up to $200,000 a month, working part-time from a home office.

How To Get Started

To start your new consulting business, simply fill in the application below. When submitted, you will be taken to a page where you can get more details on what you will be doing and saying. You also get access to a short video where you can meet your mentor and get his phone number in case you have any questions that need answering right away.

You will need to enter your phone number and a good time for your mentor to reach you when applying. Your mentor will contact you at your prefered time whenever possible. Either way, expect to hear from your mentor within 24 hours. If you don't, feel free to contact your mentor at the phone number given in the video.

Your mentor provides free training, can help with launching your business and landing your first clients. As always, there is no cost to to speak with a mentor. So many people have helped us along the way, now we want to pay it forward and help others do the same.

Be A Consultant


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What You Need
To Get Started
  • A love for talking with others.
  • A passion for helping others.
  • Coachable.
  • Motivated.
  • $1,000 in startup costs (business cards, website, marketing materials, etc).

What I Love About It
"I love helping people and as a Business Consultant, I can help business owners find the solutions they are looking for."

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