Host A Skin Care Party

Stem Cells can grow skin, collagen, bone, even grow whole organs. They are the cells in your body that repair your body. Now you can help others repair their skin for free by giving free facials. Kim Kardashian recently paid $550 for a stem cell facial. But you can make up to $3,000 a weekend giving them away for free.

Your Duties

Have you ever been to a major department store's makeup section? The women sit in the chair and get a free makeover. When they leave, they are almost always carrying a bag of makeup they just purchased so they can recreate the look at home. Your business is based on the same idea.

You invite 6 people to your home for a skin care clinic where they can learn how to clean, repair, and protect their skin while samping products that can accomplish those tasks. Each guest gets to enjoy a free stem cell facial during the 45 minute presentation. At the conclusion of the presentation, simply hand out order forms and watch the orders come in.

How Much Can You Make?

Assuming 6 people attend your free facial, expect to generate $500 or more in revenue. Each session lasts 1 hour. If you did 3 sessions on Saturday and 3 on Sunday, expect to make about $3,000+ for the weekend.

How To Get Started

To start your new skin care business, simply fill in the application below. When submitted, you will be taken to a page where you can watch a short video detailing what to say and do in your presentation.

You will also be assigned a FREE mentor. Someone who has hosted skin care clinics before. Your mentor will contact you within 24 hours to answer your questions and give you access to all the forms and marketing materials you need to host your skin care clinic. There will be some other things you will need from the .99 cent store before you can start such as mirrors, washcloths, bowls, and a tablecloth. You should be able to get all this for about $20. Your mentor can give you more details on this if you like.

Be A Skin Care Specialist


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What You Need
To Get Started
  • A love for talking with others.
  • A passion for helping others.
  • Coachable.
  • Motivated.
  • $700 in startup costs (products, business cards, website, etc).

What I Love About It
"I can work it around my busy schedule, only taking up about 3 to 8 hours of work a week. The return is amazing compared to work involved."

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