Be A Webcam Model

A WebCam Model is a person that performs live video chats online. The more time a customers spends watching your private show the more you will earn. There are no fees to be a webcam model.

Anyone can be a webcam model. No experience necessary. You can be male, female, gay, straight, a couple, a group, it doesn't matter. Your personality will determine how successful you are. Each customer is looking for a unique type of model. You can do this even if you live outside the US. All you need is a valid goverment issued transportation type ID, or passport.

As a webcam model, you can work on your own schedule. Have an hour between projects? Open up your laptop and make some money.

Models should tell their clients upfront what they are willing to do and not willing to do so there is not a misunderstanding. Generally, web cam models are asked to pose nude and it is considered to be part of the job.

As a webcam model, you should feel safe and secure. There is a geographic restriction feature so you can block out cities, states, and even whole countries. Keep in mind the more areas you block the less traffic you will get.

Your Duties

As a webcam model, you get paid every time a customer enters your paid private chat. The more satisfied your customers are the longer they will stay and the more money you will make.

You will never show up in a background check as a webcam model. The records will only reflect that you are an independent contractor with I M Management INC.

How Much Can You Make As Webcam Model?

You will get paid every minute a customer is watching your private show. Models get paid $1 a minute for each customer in premium chat and $1.25 for exclusive chat (one on one chat). In premium chat, more than one customer can be in your room. For example, if there are 10 customers you will earn $10 a minute. On average models make from $250 to $2000 a week, however some webcam models make much more.

Here is the pay data of a new model.

As you can see, this person worked 4 and a half hours and made over $200. On their first day of working they are already making $50 per hour. Where are you going to find a job that starts you off at $50 an hour?

Webcam models get paid weekly. However, there is a 1 week hold on every payment. For example, for the first weeks pay you will get paid on the 2nd week. Payment period runs from Saturday at 6pm EST to Saturday at 5:59pm EST.

How To Get Started

The application process is pretty simple. Simply fill in your name and email. You will be sent tips and tricks other models have used successfully to make big paychecks from the comfort of their bedroom. You'll learn how our system can be discreet and only the people you choose will ever be able to see you. You'll also get an application form should you decide to move forward with your new career as a model/actress/actor.

We are looking for male, female, and couples. We have many customers who will pay to watch you play out your fantasies. Fill out the form and submit. There is no fee and you will not be asked for a credit card number. This is a legitimate modeling work. After you submit the application and proof of age, it will take a couple days to verify and then you will be notified by email when you can start.

Your Name:
Your Email Address:

What You Need
To Get Started
  • HD Webcam that streams 720p
  • High Speed Internet connection
  • Computer or Laptop
  • Be 18 or older

What I Love About This
"As a college student, I'm very busy with school and homework, this allows me to make $50 to $100 a day for an hour or so of work and the best part is, I don't have to drive anywhere."

"My girlfriend and I use the extra money for vacations. The way I see it, we are going to have sex anyways, may as well get paid by letting others watch us on their computers." - Webcam Models Wanted!

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